The photographer 
Shea is a biologist and educator based on Vancouver Island, Canada. Growing up on the West Coast of British Columbia, he developed a passion for nature and photography, and has spent the past two decades seeking to capture moments on this beautiful coast. In more recent years, he has delved into woodworking projects to enhance his art through the use of reclaimed wood. 
Shea spends most of his free time dedicated to his family, photography, and other hobbies. However, he has pursued professional and academic interests as a high school teacher, photographer, naturalist, environmental technician, and more. He is currently finishing his Ph.D in Biology at the University of Victoria, researching the role of diatoms in biogeochemical cycles in the Arctic and the impact of ocean acidification on marine phytoplankton. Read more about his research here if you're interested!

The photographs 
A mixture of film and digital cameras have been used to capture my photographs. All images have been post-processed digitally, but manipulations are minimal and usually only consist of cropping and small changes in contrast, exposure, or colour. These are done to bring the final product as close to the original scene as possible. Retouching for dust removal has been done on all scanned film and as needed on digital files, but nothing else has been added or removed from any scene. 
Many of the photographs are available to purchase as a fine art Giclée print on canvas, or as a framed print. Art cards and post cards of a select number of images are also available. Other than some larger formats which require outsourcing to a 3rd party, everything is produced by Shea using archival techniques and materials. Please see the online store page for more details!
Shea’s photography has been on display at juried art shows such as the Sidney Fine Art Show (Sidney, BC), Moss Street Paint In (Victoria, BC), and more recently at the Audain Art Museum (Whistler, BC) in support of the Grizzly Bear Foundation. 

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