Portraits and action-shots.
Other Birds
A west coast ensemble
Grizzlies and Black Bears from coastal British Columbia
Mink to Marmots
An assortment of mammals, big to small, living from seaside to summit.
Marine Mammals
Those that call the Pacific Ocean home.
A paraphyletic collection of insects, reptiles and amphibians!
Subjects from some of my travels abroad.
A collection of vistas from all around the world
Florals & Leaves
The photographs A mixture of film and digital cameras have been used to capture my photographs. All images have been post-processed digitally, but manipulations are minimal and usually only consist of cropping and small changes in contrast, exposure, or colour. These are done to bring the final product as close to the original scene as possible. Retouching for dust removal has been done on all scanned film and as needed on digital files, but nothing else has been added or removed from any scene. The photographer I am passionate about photography, birding, all aspects of biology/ecology, traveling, adventures in the wilderness, and many other interests. I hold a B.Sc (Honours in Biology) from the University of Victoria, B.Ed from the University of British Columbia and I am currently pursuing my M.Sc. at UVic. I live in Victoria, BC, with my wife, daughter, and handsome dog Dozer.
Signed Fine art prints of all photos are available for sale, as well as art cards and post cards of select images, and a 2017 Grizzly Bear calendar. Please contact me directly for ordering any products at sheawyatt (at) gmail.com. A store page is coming soon. Prices: 18" x 12" giclee - $85 Art card - $4 Post card - $2.50 Calendar - $20
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